Your Voice. Our Future.
“It’s about time.”
--Keli Chevalier

Join the movement that’s leading the fight to defend our constitution, protect our economic freedom, and take a stand for our values. Protect your Rights. Join the Fight.


In Congress, Keli will use her battle-tested leadership skills, expert-level communication, and wit to work across party lines in order to give your voice power and a position in the lawmaking process. 

Keli has spent half of her life serving in places all over the world, including:  Germany, Kosovo, Iraq and Japan. While serving in Okinawa, Japan as a single mother, Keli completed her Masters in Human Relations at the University of Oklahoma. While stationed on the Kadena Air Force Base, Keli’s senior leader introduced her to his brother-in-law. Six months later, they married.

Max Manlangit and Keli have been married 14 years and have three boys. Max, born in the Philippines, owns a trucking company and took his oath of citizenship in 2014. Keli is a District 22 native. Her parents, Maurice Chevalier, retired Architectural Engineer, and Patrica Hightower Allen, retired Elementary School Teacher raised Keli in the Sageglen Area with conservative values and a passion for entrepreneurship–what her dad referred to as “ just the way we were built.”


I walked away from the Democratic party just in time, and there are over a million Americans walking with me. 
For generations, we have been fed empty promises in exchange for our overwhelmingly loyal vote.  If we do not ignore the Dems’ narrative that keeps us poor, ignorant and divided, government subsidized  healthcare and living expenses will deplete our resources. This will surely threaten the remaining benefits U.S. citizens have left.
Lawless sanctuary cities and disregard for national security will put legal citizens at risk.
Education budgets will continue to be mismanaged, opening doors for corruption and complacency to pinch away at our children’s chances of competing on a global level.
Our constitutional freedoms will be chipped away until capitalism is replaced with socialism, our 2nd amendment rights replaced with pitchforks, and our God replaced with dependance on our government.
Taxes will overwhelm us, and government mandated minimum-wage will squeeze out those jobs altogether.
In other words, we will continue to get penalized for our prosperity. They will give more hand-outs than hand-ups, and income will decrease while their coffers increase.
But this doesn’t have to be our future.
Truth. Freedom. Prosperity,
relies on what you decide today.
This is a pivotal and critical point in our history where the stakes have never been higher. My vision for America is one where:
Our Schools have strengthened security
We, Texans, are financially secure & independent
Our national security is robust
Hard-working citizens are rewarded
Affordable health care and insurance are available
Small Businesses are flourishing

Join the team

I pledge to be an advocate for all Americans seeking to pursue happiness, and fulfill their dreams.  I will work diligently to create a future with prosperity and security; a future we can all look forward to with confidence because “Prosperity is the antidote to suffering”.

I invite you to join me in my campaign for the US Congress.

I appreciate your support.

May God bless America.

Thank you.

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